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Privacy Policy

Please note that when you use this service, you agree to the following content. The company may change the following contents appropriately.
Information protection policy
We establish the information protection policy as follows and endeavor to protect the individual information appropriately.

1 create, collect, use and provide information.

2 prevents unauthorized access to information, loss of information, destruction, tampering and leakage.

3 respect the laws and ordinances of the information and other norms.

4 we will continue to improve the rules for information protection.

5, our company documents this policy and is well known to all applicable applicants.
Personal information item
We obtain the following personal information based on the law.

Account ID and password for service login

2, gender, birth date, postal code and email address as account registration information

3. The name, address, telephone number, SNS account information, height, physical features and other information provided by the customer as information that collects the account

4 information on the use of points, coupons, cash back and other services

5 information for the execution of transactions made by customers through the use of services and information on the transaction contents

6 information on credit card information, bank account information, electronic money, storage agency, transaction information, other settlement and its method

7 inquiries and contact information from our customers

8. The person confirming documents for confirmation of the person (such as a driver's license, a health insurance card, a copy of a resident's vote, etc.) for confirmation of the person pursuant to a legal request And information contained in the documents

About the purpose of use of personal information
The personal information provided by our company will be handled within the scope of the following purposes.
1) the confirmation of the person himself, the shipment of the goods, and the provision of this service.

2 to provide sales recommendations, questionnaire surveys and sending gifts, etc. to this service by various media such as telephone, mail, and mail.

3. Improve this service or develop new services.

4, above, acts concerning our business.

The company may use personal information within the range necessary for the purpose of the use of this site.

The personal information provided by our company may be deposited to a business destination or partner without notification to the user or consent by the user in order to achieve the purpose of use.

In addition, it may be provided to the public institution if there is a request for disclosure from a public institution such as a court or a police agency based on the law.

We may revise the policy above. In this case, all revisions will be notified at this site.

About cookies

Cookies are intended to allow users to browse this site more conveniently when they are visited again on this site, not to infringe the privacy of the user and not adversely affect the user's computer. We may collect information about the overall trend and pattern about the viewing behavior on this site contained in the cookie from the visitor of this site.
The collected information will be used by our company or our company to enforce the analysis and analysis of the access trend and provide better customer service.
Moreover, as for the information collected, it is treated as a secret like the personal information of the user, so please be relieved.
If you do not wish to collect information about yourself, you may refuse to accept the cookie by setting the Internet browsing software. However, in order to use some functions such as shopping, it is necessary to set the cookie to accept.
We recommend that you set the preference to accept cookies. Please contact each software manufacturer.

Security policy

We will try to protect our personal information as much as possible. The personal information written to the user at the time of contact, order, application, used only for the service that is limited to this site, and the personal information is not disclosed to the third party without the consent of the user, and it is not offered.

However, this is not the case.
When you request the consent of the user beforehand in this site.
If any other user or any other third party has the possibility of damage to the third party.
If requested based on legal authority.
Information encryption SSL
SSL is the abbreviation of secure socket layer, which is a secure secure communication technology that uses 40 bit long encryption keys to communicate encrypted data between web servers and users. We use SSL communication to protect information.