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This site is forzastress. In the whole website, terms "we", "we", and "we" refer to forzastrength. Forzaforce provides this site, including all the information, tools and services that this site provides to our customers. It is assumed to accept all the terms, conditions, policies and notices declared here.

By agreeing to our "services" by accessing our web site or by purchasing from us, we agree to the following terms and conditions ("service clause", "clause"), including additional terms and conditions and policies provided in this specification and / or hyperlinks. These service terms are applicable to all users of this site, including but not limited to browsers, vendors, customers, businesses, and / or content contributors.

Please read these service terms well before accessing or using our web site. Access to any section of the web site agrees to the restrictions of these service terms by using or accessing. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, you cannot access this site or use the service. If these service terms are deemed to be a summary, we accept that these service terms are clearly limited.

A new feature or tool added to the current shop should also follow the service clause. In this page you can always view the latest version of service terms. Dell holds the right to update, modify, or replace any portion of these service terms by publishing updates and / or changes to the web site. You have the responsibility to periodically check whether this page has changed. Even if you change this web site or continue to access, you can accept changes after issuing a change.

Our store provides an online e-commerce platform and can sell our products and services.

Part 1 - online shop contracts

Upon agreeing to these service terms, you agree at least to reach an adult age of the state or department, or an adult age of a state or department, and to allow minor dependents to use this site. You must not use our products for illegal or unauthorized purposes or violate the laws of the judiciary in using services (including copyright laws).

Worm and virus can not propagate destructive code.

The service will terminate immediately when violating any provision.

Section 2 general conditions

We always hold the right to refuse to provide service for anyone for any reason.

I know that content without credit card information is transmitted in an unencrypted way and can be transmitted through various networks. And (b) adapt and adapt to changes in technical requirements connected to a network or device. If you transfer through a network, credit card information is always encrypted.

You agree that you do not copy, copy, sell, resell, or not use a portion of the service, access to services, access to services, or contact your contacts on the web site to provide services without the clear written permission of Dell.

The titles used in this Agreement do not limit or affect these Provisions for convenience.

Section 3 - accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information

We are not responsible at all if the information provided by this site is not accurate, incomplete or timely. This site should not be the only basis for decision-making, but not only for reference, but before consulting major, more accurate, more complete, or more timely sources. The dependency on this site's material is our own risk.

This site may contain some historical information. History information is not always up to date. For your information. We hold the right to change the contents of this site at any time, but there is no obligation to update the information on this site. It's up to you to agree to monitor changes to our website.

Section 4 - service and price changes

The price of our products may be changed without notice.

The right to change or stop the service (or part or content) at any time is retained without notice.

For service changes, price changes, pause, or suspension, you are not responsible for any third party or third party.

Part 5 - product or service

Some products or services may be provided online only through the web site. These products or services are limited in quantity and are only returned or exchanged according to the return policy.

Do the best to show the product's colors and images that appear in the store as accurately as possible. It is not guaranteed that the color of the computer monitor is accurate.

We hold the right, but we have no obligation to limit any of our products and services to anyone. Geographical areas and jurisdictions. We can exercise this right in accordance with specific circumstances. Dell holds the right to limit the number of products or services offered. All product descriptions or product prices may change without notice. We will hold the right to stop the product at any time. If prohibited, the product or service provided by this site is invalid.

Dell does not guarantee that the quality of products, services, information, or other materials that you purchased or acquired will meet your expectations. It does not guarantee that any errors in the service are corrected.

Section 6 accuracy of invoice and account information

We will hold the right to refuse your order. We can limit or cancel the number of purchases per person, family, or per order. These restrictions may include the same customer account, order from the same credit card, and / or order to use the same invoice and / or delivery address. In order to change or cancel an order, we will inform you with the email and / or billing address / phone number provided when you contact the order. We hold the right to restrict or prohibit orders. According to our judgement, these orders were issued from dealers, resellers and distributors.

We agree to provide the latest, complete, accurate purchases and account information about all purchases made at our store. You agree to update your account and other information timely, such as email address, credit card number, expiration date, and complete the transaction and contact you if necessary.

See the return policy for more information.

Section 7 - optional tool

It may provide access to third party tools. There is no monitoring, control or input.

Access to such tools is acknowledged and agreed to be provided in the "current state" and "available status". Guarantee, statement, or condition shall not be subject to any provision, nor will any endorsement be made. Optional third-party tools are not liable to use.

The use of the option tools provided through this site is your own risk and determines your own. You need to know and approve the provisions on the tools provided by third party providers.

In the future, you can also provide new services and features through the web site, including new tools and resources. These new functions and / or services must also comply with these service terms.

Section 8 - third party links

The content, products and services provided by Dell services may include materials from third parties.

The third party link of this site may guide to a third party web site which is not related to our site. We are not responsible for testing and evaluating content or accuracy. You are not guaranteed to be responsible for any third party material or website or any other party material, product or service.

You are not liable for any injury or damage associated with the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content, or any other transactions associated with third party web sites. Read the third party policy and convention well and understand these policies and conventions before participating in the deal. Claims, claims, doubts or issues relating to third party products must be submitted to third parties.

Part 9 - user opinions, feedback, and other submission

According to Dell's requirements, if you submit a specific submission material, such as a piece to participate in a contest, or if no Dell is requesting, you will be creative, proposing, proposing and planning, regardless of whether you are online, email, mail or any other way (called "comment") Or, if you want to send any other documents, edit, copy, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, translate or transfer any other comments in any media in any way. We have no obligation to confide any comment. (2) compensate for any comment. Or (3) reply to the comment.

There is no obligation to monitor, edit or delete any content that we violate, whether it is illegal, aggression, threats, slander, slander, pornography, obscene or other antipathy, or any violation of any intellectual property or any of these services.

Agrees not to infringe any third party rights, including copyrights, trademarks, privacy, personalities, or other individuals or proprietary rights. In addition, the comments agree that they contain no computer viruses or other malicious software that may affect slander, injustice, abuse, obscene material, or service or related sites. You should not use false email addresses, fake others, or misunderstand the sources of our or third party comments in other ways. I am responsible for my comment and accuracy. Dell is not responsible for any comments presented by your third party or third party.

Section 10 - personal information

Personal information submitted through the store is subject to our privacy policy. Check the privacy policy.

Section 11 - errors, inaccuracies, leaks

Our web site or service may include printing errors, inaccuracies or leaks. These information may be related to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, preferential treatment, product fares, transport time, and availability. If the service or related web site information is not accurate, you can modify the error, inaccuracies or leaks, or modify the right to modify or update information or cancel the order. It is also included after sending the order.

Except for legal requirements, there is no obligation to update, modify, or disclose information on a service or related web site. If no update or update date is provided for this service or related site, it is assumed that all information in this service or related site is changed or updated.

Section 12 - prohibition

The use of this site or its content is prohibited, in addition to any other prohibition prescribed in the service clause: (a) any illegal purpose. (b) engage others in any illegal act. (c) violate any laws, regulations, laws or local laws of any international, federal, ministries or state. Infringe or violate our intellectual property or intellectual property of others. (1) harassment, abuse, insult, injury, slander, slander, intimidation or discrimination based on sex, gender, religion, race, race, age, nationality or disorder. (f) submit false or erroneous information. (g) to upload or transmit viruses or other types of malicious code, these codes may be used or used to affect any service or related website or other website or Internet functions or practices. Collect or track other person's personal information. (I) spam, net fishing, domain name fraud, votes, spiders, repellent or capture; (J) any obscene or immoral purpose. Or (k) service or any related websites or any other website or internet security function to prevent or avoid. Holds the right to terminate the use of services or related web sites if it violates banned applications.

Section 13 - Disclaimer Scope of responsibility

Dell does not guarantee that your service is not interrupted and has no timely, safe, or error.

Ensure that the results obtained using the service are accurate or reliable.

I agree to delete service indefinitely without any notice or cancel service.

The risk of use or usability of services is clearly agreed upon by your customers. All products and services provided to you through this service and service are provided "in the present state" and "in availability", without explicit or implied statements, warranties, or conditions.

In any case, forzastrength, our directors, high-level employees, employees, affiliates, agencies, contractors, trainees, suppliers, service providers or licenses, including profit loss, loss loss, savings loss, data loss, replacement costs, or similar damages, but any damages not limited to these Not responsible for loss, claim, direct, indirect, incidental, penal, special or outcome damage. Even if it is based on a contract, there is a violation of the rights violations (including carelessness), strict responsibility. A claim arising from the use of a product or service or service, or any other claim associated with the use of the product, may be used for error or leakage in the content, service use, or service delivery or transfer It is not limited to the loss or damage caused by the use of content (or products) provided in other ways. Even if the possibility is told. In some states or jurisdictions, in these states or jurisdictions, our responsibilities are limited within the maximum allowable range of law because some states or jurisdictions are not permitted to exclude or limit liability for indirect or incidental damages.

Section 14 - compensation

We agree to maintain our company, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, managers, directors, agencies, contractors, licenses, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, trainees and employees. Or damage to any claim or claim (including reasonable attorney fees) filed in violation of the legal or third party's rights.

Section 15 - Division

If any of the provisions of these service terms are deemed illegal, invalid or unsafe, the provisions shall be implemented within the maximum permitted by the applicable law, and the unjustifiable part is deemed to be separated from these service provisions; Such decisions do not affect the validity and performance of other remaining provisions.

Section 16

The duties and responsibilities of both parties are effective even after the end of this consultation.

These service terms are valid before you or upon exit. You can always terminate these service terms whenever you notice that you have stopped using the service or stopped using the web site.

If you are unable to comply with the terms or conditions of these service terms or are not able to comply with the terms or conditions of these terms, you do not need to be notified, and you can always terminate this Agreement and take responsibility for all the expiration amounts to the end date (including the end date). And / or possibly it may reject access to our service (or any portion thereof).

Section 17 - full contract

We cannot exercise or execute any rights or provisions of these service terms and constitute no waiver to these rights or provisions.

These service terms constitute a full contract and understanding between you and us by the policy or operation rules that we have published on this website, or by service or operation rules, and between the customer and our former or synchronous oral or written contract, communications Instead of the proposal (including but not limited to earlier versions of the service agreement), it controls the use of services.

Ambiguous interpretation of these service provisions should not be construed as a disadvantage to the drafters.

Section 18 - Application of law

These service terms and any single consultation for us to serve you shall be under the jurisdiction of the Chinese law and must be interpreted based on the laws of China.

Section 19 - change of service clause

In this page you can always view the latest version of service terms.

Dell holds the right to update, modify, or replace part of these service terms by publishing updates and changes to the web site. We are responsible for checking the changes of our site regularly. After announcing the changes in these service clauses, it means to continue to use or access our web site or service to accept changes.

Section 20 - contact

Questions about the service clause

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