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Return Policy

Seller Return & refund Policy:
Please confirm that there is no trouble or product mistake before arrival.
Please contact us within 14 days after the item arrives.
Please note that it is possible to accept the correspondence after the date passes.
In case of customer convenience
We will assume the customer's burden for the return and exchange of goods according to your convenience. However, it can not be received if there is no box or accessory. (for example, the return of the customer's convenience or exchange is due to the reason why the size is not suitable, the difference between the color of the monitor, the difference of the image, and the error of the customer's order, etc.)
In case of convenience
If there is a problem in the quality of goods (damage, dirt) in the unused state, the shipment will be borne by our company, and the return and exchange are made.
In the following cases, you cannot receive return or exchange
After wear (tag cut, etc.) and goods after washing
Goods damaged or damaged by customers
Goods after or after use
Laundry or cleaning goods
It has been more than 14 days since
If you have returned without contact
When the accessories such as tags or boxes are lost or damaged
Goods that smell tobacco or perfume
If you are deemed to be a malicious order
In case of sending back a packet directly to a plastic box or a vinyl over the goods
The carriage will be charged only once.
No additional charges will be generated for return.
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